No results after 120 days of using MAVI products? No worries, we will refund your money in full.

The results are usually visible after 100 days or 2 bottles of serum / shampoo in combination with derma roller.
Growth varies from person to person.

Although most users only need 2 bottles to activate new follicles and start hair growth, some users need a little more time.

That is why we recommend the MAVI program.

  • MAVI money back guarantee

    Use for 120 days

    Use MAVI products as instructed on packaging.
    The most important thing is to use the products regularly and consistently.

  • MAVI money back guarantee

    Take photos

    Take pictures every 2 weeks from several angles. It is important that the images are from the same angle and in the same lighting.

  • Money back MAVI results

    Send us everything

    Send us all the pictures in chronological order with a short description of your experience - what you noticed, what you liked/disliked and what would you change.

  • money back MAVI results

    Get your money

    You have successfully completed all the steps of the MAVI program and received a refund.